Futuristic racer Phaseshift announces Early Access release date

Ross McGregor

The indie racing genre finds itself in a bit of a purple patch currently, with the likes of Gravity Chase, Formula Retro Racing and Art of Rally releasing in the past year, and other titles such as Horizon Chase Turbo enjoying a resurgence thanks to its Senna Forever DLC.

And now another example is set to join the fray. Phaseshift, by Devon-based developer Bubblehead Studios, is set to be released to PC via Steam Early Access this year.

Phaseshift is a futuristic combat racing game inspired by the likes of wipE′out″ and F-Zero, and bears heavy resemblance to 90s N64 classic Extreme-G. Action zips along at speed, and the cyberpunk-inspired aesthetics evoke Tron-like comparisons.

Players can choose from 17 power-ups separated into four categories – Light and Heavy weaponry, Defence power-ups and Utility abilities. Vehicles have four ability slots, so picking and choosing your arsenal before the race brings a strategic element to proceedings.

Races take place over five environments, with multiple layouts bringing the track total to 12. Before hitting the track however, players can customise and create their own racing teams, recruiting AI drivers from a roster of 17 candidates.

Intriguingly, online multiplayer has been announced, with local split-screen available at point of release. Although we are unsure at this stage whether two or four ways – like recently released rival Gravity Chase.

Bubblehead Studios – also known as one-man development team Josh Lyell – has set a Steam Early Access release date of 3rd March, priced initially at £9.99. Showing a lot of potential, and with promises of more features and further gameplay enhancements in future, we are looking forward to seeing how this title progresses.

Are you a fan of nostalgic retro-inspired racers? How do you think Phaseshift will fare in an increasingly competitive market? Let us know in the comments below!

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