Arcade classic New Rally-X returns as Arcade Archives release

Justin Melillo
Arcade classic New Rally-X returns as Arcade Archives release

80s kids, if you remember the arcade chaser known as New Rally-X by Namco, prepare to put on your nostalgia glasses. Arcade Archives, the digital DLC series by the publishers known as Hamster, has added New Rally-X to their library of classic arcade games for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 players.

The original game, Rally-X, was released back in 1980. It was a huge success in Japan and became one of the highest grossing games of the year. The game was re-released in 1981 as New Rally-X with updated graphics, easier gameplay, and some added content.

It is, by definition, a maze game, but the players control race cars and need to out run the enemy cars in red. Ridge Racer fans might also remember this particular game as there was a fully playable version of New Rally-X on the PlayStation Portable Ridge Racer title.

Arcade Archives itself has hundreds of older games available across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even mobile users on iOS and Android. This particular game is just a regular emulation and only available on the Switch and PS4. Rally-X is also a part of this service, having released back in October 2021.

You can find the Arcade Archives New Rally-X in the PlayStation Store or the Nintendo eShop only. It retails for $7.99 or £5.79. Let us know if you’ll be spending your quarters on this one in the comments below!

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