Forza Motorsport will include a new suspension model

Ross McGregor

In the recent Forza Monthly YouTube stream, Turn 10 Studios Creative Director Chris Esaki provided some hints about the upcoming entry in the Forza Motorsport franchise. Announced last year, the sequel – titled simply as Forza Motorsport – is set to offer players a completely revised tyre model as well as a fully re-worked multiplayer mode.

However, in this interview, Esaki provides some hints as to the direction the team at Turn 10 are heading in terms of modelling suspension – long thought of as a weak point in the Forza Motorsport series compared to its rivals.

Esaki opens by saying: “We’ve been working on making all of our simulation elements as realistic as possible,” which will be music to the ears of gamers looking for a more simulation-style experience.

Esaki then emphasises the suspension model advances, as real-world setup change effects match up to those modelled in-game, citing drifting as an example: “Cars can be set up in line with our drift partners’ expectations.”

If you read this and think Forza Motorsport is moving towards a full simulation-style experience, fear not, as Esaki makes a final statement regarding the new suspension model: “This is all just about making our cars much easier for all of our players to drive.”

In essence, Forza Motorsport will look to improve its tyre and suspension model to ensure all Forza players can not only enjoy a believable and engaging experience, but also one that is forgiving. It will be interesting to see how the title compares to Gran Turismo 7 in this respect next year, but we can say for certain 2022 will be an exciting time to be a racing game fan.

What do you expect from Forza Motorsport’s revised tyre and suspension physics? Let us know in the comments below.

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