Fanatec announces new ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5

Justin Melillo
Fanatec announces preorder for new ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5

Don’t let this one get away! Days after announcing the Limited Edition ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2021, and then almost immediately selling out, Fanatec has another new Formula wheel waiting in the wings, due to release later this year. The ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 will be available on 22nd September per the Fanatec website, but pre-orders are up right now, so go and get it now before it’s too late. 

The V2.5 is a direct upgrade from the previous V2.0 model. The first big difference I notice is the shifting paddles come pre-installed with magnetic shifters as opposed to the clicky, mechanical shifter buttons. The V2.0 (as well as the new V2.5) has the ability to upgrade to the PODIUM advanced paddle system which added both the magnetic paddles and F1-style clutch, but also made the wheel heavier and was an extra cost. If having those clutch paddles aren’t a necessity, having the magnet type already there is a huge plus.  

The back of the wheel also features an exchangeable quick-release, currently using the QR1 wheel-side technology, but will have support to utilize the QR2 that will be coming “soon”. Besides the differences, the wheels will still feature the basics such as all the different buttons, switches, knobs, and joysticks one driver could ever need, the multicolored LEDs at the top, and the tiny OLED display in the top-center. 

Fanatec has really been on fire with announcements lately. With the new CSL Pedals and CSL DD recently revealed and the hype from the extremely limited stock of the F1 2021 wheel. As a Fanatec user myself, I’m going to have to start putting some money aside or hope for another stimulus check to get the latest gear.

It’s not going to glow, have an official Formula 1 badge, or have that same cutout on the wheel for grip like the extremely limited edition F1 2021 wheel had (priced at $399.95/€399.95), but it is an upgrade from the V2.0 (priced at $369.95/€369.95) for less, sitting at a pre-order price of $349.95/€349.95. May the odds be ever in your favor in getting one!

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