F1 23 cover athletes revealed, Verstappen only on Champions Edition

The cover athletes for EA Sports F1 23 was revealed on Monday 1st May with Max Verstappen on the Champions Edition, all by himself this time.
EA Sports F1 23 game cover

You thought that we’d get the EA Sports F1 23 trailer today too, didn’t you? After last week’s Konnersport launch announcement trailer, complete with the return of the infamous Devon Butler, EA Sports F1 also teased that the reveal for the game would begin on 1st May.

Well, it surely did begin today, but for now, it’s just the pack art for both the Champions and Standard Editions of the game. A reveal and another tease. At least this one comes with a link to the reveal trailer that will air on 3rd May at 4:00 pm BST / 11:00 am EDT.

Anyway, back to the cover athletes. Two-time defending Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen, recently brought on as an EA Ambassador last year, will adorn the Champions Edition of the game for 2023.

As for the Standard, you’ve got the likes of Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton on the left, Ferrari’s current prodigy Charles Leclerc smack dab in the middle (also another EA Ambassador), and McLaren’s top driver Lando Norris on the right of the pack. Both covers were originally revealed on Monday by the official Formula 1 account.

In contrast from 2022’s game, the Champions Edition featured four World Champions in Verstappen, Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. The 2022 Standard Edition had George Russell together with Leclerc and Norris. Now with Max on the Champions Edition alone, Hamilton returns to the Standard Edition, where he was in 2021 with Leclerc and Verstappen.

Pretty much, standard operation procedure for the F1 pack art. No car art on it, which is a let down once again, but at least they are consistent. The pictures of the drivers that were used are decent quality as well, at least for the Standard. For some reason, Verstappen looks like he’s been rendered straight out of the game. I digress…

#BeTheLastToBrake is the hashtag for the title, and we expect there to be more news about the likely Story Mode that will return this year when the trailer drops in two days. The real question today then becomes ‘did anyone get snubbed this year?’ as far as cover drivers are concerned? Surely a case could’ve been made for Checo…

EA SPORTS F1 23 is set for release on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S later this year.

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