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F1 22’s Podium Pass Series 2 includes Lando Norris-themed items 

F1 22’s Podium Pass Season 2 includes Lando Norris-themed items 

EA SPORTS F1 22 now has more personalisation items to unlock via the in-game Podium Pass, and there are free Lando Norris-related designs included.

Another eight weeks of customisation items and visual trinkets are now live within the F1 22 game, and McLaren’s Lando Norris is the overriding theme. 

As ever, simply playing the game in any mode earns XP, which progresses you through Podium Pass levels and in turn unlocks a suite of cosmetics for your personalised driver, car livery, victory calls, podium celebrations and even F1 Life wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper. 

F1 22 Podium Pass, Lando Norris Formula 1 car livery

The British driver’s items are in the dayglo yellow synonymous with the cover star’s helmet design – although interestingly, Norris’ lifestyle brand Quadrant remains notable only by its absence. 

All Lando items are on the free Podium Pass tier, with the car livery unlocked by completing Level 1. Gloves are at Level 5, the helmet at Level 9 and the suit at Level 13. 

What you’ve all been waiting for, the rare modern black furniture item unlocks at Level 15. Woah. 

F1 22 Fish Lantern helmet, Podium Pass

For the paid VIP Podium Pass Tier, 9,000 Pitcoin, there are Fire Dragon and Fish Lantern liveries to unlock. That helmet does look quite cool… 

There’s also, wait for it, ‘Carefree’ wall art (read wallpaper). Not so cool. On the plus side, there is a V6 engine table. 

F1 22 Podium Pass, V6 engine table

The 30 levels of Podium Pass are live now and end on the 11th October 2022. 

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