Dave Cam’s Pick N’ Mix Challenge – Radicals at Bathurst | Week 5

The fifth edition of Dave Cam‘s Pick N’ Mix Challenge Series on iRacing comes a week removed from Dave’s first negative iRating outing at Barcelona. In week 4, the Traxion.GG community voted for Dave to take on Rallycross. That didn’t turn out well at all.

This week, the people voted once again, and Dave will need to compete in the Radical Racing Challenge C. The series is currently at Mount Panorama, otherwise known as Bathurst, and the race ahead is scheduled for 12 laps. Once again, it’s definitely not the choice Dave would have made.

The Pick N’ Mix challenge that Dave has been presented with is that he must gain 395 iRating during the course of 2022 iRacing Season 2. While he can gain iRating with good finishes, he can also lose it with bad results. He’ll be competing in one race per week which the Traxion.GG community will vote on.

Now, while Dave can qualify in normal circumstances, he can opt to use one of his two ‘jokers’. He already used one back in the first week. The ‘joker’ doubles his iRating points earned (or lost), but as a caveat, he needs to start from the back. No ‘joker’ is in play this week, but Dave will have to fight from seventh on the grid.

Dave lost 47 points last week, so now he’s only 85 points up on the needed 395 iRating points in this challenge. As Dave puts it, this combo is like racing on a knife edge, where any slightly wrong move could have very costly results. Bathurst is 6.213-kilometers or 3.861-miles in length with 23 different corners, many of which could end Dave’s challenge today.

Can Dave survive this radical adventure on Mount Panorama? If you haven’t tuned in yet, check out Dave’s better Pick N’ Mix races on the season at Interlagos, Watkins Glen, Daytona and Barcelona. Don’t forget to vote on next week’s combination starting on Friday. Don’t be so hard on Dave this time around!

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