Dave Cam’s Pick N’ Mix Challenge – Brazilian Stock Cars at Interlagos | Week 1

You voted, and now Dave has to do it. The Dave Cam Pick N’ Mix Challenge Series is underway and the first order of business, as chosen by the people, is a race at Interlagos in the new Brazilian Stock Cars on the iRacing service.

The challenge is that Dave must gain 395 iRating during the 2022 iRacing Season 2. While he can gain iRating with good finishes, he can also lose it with bad results. He’ll be competing in one race per week which the Traxion.GG community can vote on. Dave can qualify in normal circumstances, but if he opts for one of his two ‘jokers’, which doubles his iRating points earned (or lost), he needs to start from the back.

As for the Stock Car Pro Series vehicles, they’re a handful, especially over the twists, turns, and elevation changes at Interlagos. Dave will, in fact, be using one of his two ‘joker’ race attempts to kick off the series, so it’s an uphill climb to even make iRating from the back of the field.

Will Dave be able to wheel the latest stock cars on iRacing to a top finish? He’ll need to use that push-to-pass just right in order to do so. Hopefully, Dave can keep it pinned at the right time to make the moves he needs to. Stay tuned for the result! Remember to subscribe to the Traxion.GG YouTube and ring the bell for future notifications.

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