Dave Cam’s Pick N’ Mix Challenge – Rallycross at Barcelona | Week 4

It’s been three straight weeks of gains in the new Dave Cam Pick N’ Mix Challenge Series on the iRacing service. Unfortunately for Dave, this week takes him out of his comfort zone, thanks to the votes from the Traxion.GG community. Dave can’t win them all, and this week’s vote set him up for a big hit in the points.

The people voted, and Dave will need to compete in an iRacing Rallycross event at a modified version of Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya. Featuring a snippet of the larger venue, the Rallycross track inside Barcelona offers 10 corners, measures 0.69-miles or 1.11-kilometers regularly, and has a joker section that goes for a longer corner around the final parts.

This season’s challenge is that Dave must gain 395 iRating during the course of 2022 iRacing Season 2. While he can gain iRating with good finishes, he can also lose it with bad results. That’s the key here today. He’ll be competing in one race per week which the Traxion.GG community can vote on. Finding a race that would go official was the first challenge as not many in this series were through the week.

Now, while Dave can qualify in normal circumstances, he can opt to use one of his two ‘jokers’. He already used one back in the first week. The ‘joker’ doubles his iRating points earned (or lost), but as a caveat, he needs to start from the back. Dave didn’t opt for the ‘joker’ this week and started second, but from the get go, it was an absolute nightmare.

Dave’s already got 127 of the needed 395 iRating points, but like we said, loss of points is also a possibility. Jumping the start is probably not what Dave intended to do, and after spending a couple of laps looking for a non-existent pit road to serve the penalty, things only got worse from there. Remember, you voted for this! This is exactly what Dave didn’t want to do, and it shows!

If you haven’t tuned in yet, check out Dave’s better Pick N’ Mix races on the season at Interlagos, Watkins Glen and Daytona. Don’t forget to vote on next week’s combination starting on Friday. Don’t be so hard on Dave this time around!

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