Dave Cam’s Pick N’ Mix Challenge – GT4 at Barber Motorsports Park | Week 6

Things are looking up again for Dave Cam‘s Pick N’ Mix Challenge Series. A gain of 50 iRating points at Bathurst has Dave back on track towards the goal, but that’s coming off of a 47 iRating loss the week prior at Barcelona. Essentially, Dave’s only gained three iRating points in two weeks.

To help Dave out, this week, we’ll let him pick the series. The GT4 Falken Tyre Challenge on iRacing features GT4 machines on road courses for 15 minutes at a time. Dave’s back in his wheelhouse again, but the people still get a vote. Which car will Dave have to wheel? Welp, he’s in the Porsche 718 Cayman, which unfortunately isn’t as great as the new Aston Martin Vantage.

Remember, Dave has to gain 395 iRating during the course of 2022 iRacing Season 2. While he can gain iRating with good finishes, he can also lose it with bad results. Dave did qualify, which means there will be no ‘joker’ in play, but the best he could do was a fifth place effort on the grid. He’s in the server with the fourth highest iRating. This is still going to be a challenge.

Barber Motorsports Park is the venue on the menu today. The full course in Leeds, Alabama has 16 corners and measures 2.38-miles or 3.83-kilometers in length. While there are plenty of passing opportunities, having the car disadvantage will be the biggest factor in today’s challenge.

Can Dave swing things back into a positive gain? Check out Dave’s other Pick N’ Mix races on the season at Interlagos, Watkins Glen, Daytona, Barcelona and Bathurst. Don’t forget to vote on next week’s combination starting later on Friday. Keep it pinned!

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