Correctly predict Gran Turismo World Series winners, earn in-game credits

Thomas Harrison-Lord
A Gran Turismo 7 in-game competition is asking players to predict the World Series esports winners – and if correct, win up to one million credits.
Correctly predict Gran Turismo World Series winners, earn in-game credits

A new ‘Bonus Campaign’ has appeared within Gran Turismo 7, offering players the chance to earn 1,000,000 in-game credits simply by correctly predicting the winners of the upcoming 2022 World Series esports competition.

The prediction game can be found at the top right corner of your home World Map. Upon entering this section, a web browser will load asking you to guess which of the entrants of both the Manufacturers Cup and Nations Cup will be.

Gran Turismo 7 Bonus Campaign

The current in-game predictions are for the Round 1 winners. 500,000 credits will be dished out for a correct Manufacturers Cup guess and another 500,000 for a correct Nations Cup winner.

The Gran Turismo World Series, now seemingly without an FIA association, is the official Polyphony Digital esports competition, that makes use of the in-game Sport Mode and a series of qualification rounds before the best drivers in the world compete against each other in a World Final – this year held in November.

Gran Turismo 7 World Series predictions

Last year, Valerio Gallo won the Nations Cup for Italy and Toyota – driven by Tomoaki Yamanaka, Igor Fraga and Coque López – the Manufacturers Cup.

Established Gran Turismo stars feature heavily within Gran Turismo 7 as characters that talk throughout and also your AI-controlled rivals. The Bonus Campaign further strengthens these ties and highlights just how much Gran Turismo is trying to widen the appeal of racing esports.

  • World Series Round 1 – Manufacturers Cup – 23rd July
  • World Series Round 1 – Nations Cup – 24th July
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