Batman expansion and DC season coming to Hot Wheels Unleashed

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Batman expansion and DC season coming to Hot Wheels Unleashed

The post-release DLC plan for Hot Wheels Unleashed is about to step up a notch, with a new expansion and season both on the way soon. 

The DC Super-Villains Racing Season will include a new set of missions to complete. In doing so, you will unlock new themed vehicles and free and premium coins, gears and customization items. Think of this like Fall Guys, Rocket League or F1 2021 seasonal content where you can earn items for free by completing challenges, or additional trinkets provided you pay for the premium tier. 

Hot Wheels Unleashed DC Super-Villains Racing Season vehicles

The new season starts on 11th November 11 2021 and ends 18th January 18 2022. There will be six vehicles to unlock, all based around infamous DC Comics antiheroes. 

Alongside the season will be the Batman Expansion. This is a dedicated paid-for DLC pack that includes an all-new Batcave environment to create levels within – and in its 1/64th scale, it’s looks, at first glance, pretty incredible. The miniaturised Gotham City-based area even includes a new obstacle module – the Joker Funhouse Split. 

Hot Wheels Unleashed Batman Expansion vehicles

To go along with this new environment, there will be five new Batman-themed vehicles and Basement customisation items. 

You will be able to buy the Batman Expansion outright on 2nd December 2021, or as part of the ongoing Hot Wheels Unleashed Pass Vol.1 that also includes 10 additional vehicles, three customisation packs and two Track Builder modules for £24.99/$29.99.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Batcave environment

If that all sounds a little confusing, we’ve broken that down for you below. There’s a huge amount of downloadable content coming for Hot Wheels Unleashed, and remember, this is just Vol.1. There will be three volumes in total. Stay tuned to Traxion.GG to see what’s included in each. 

Hot Wheels Unleashed DC Super-Villains Racing Season 

  • Available between 11th November 11 2021 and 18th January 18 2022 
  • Complete in-game challenges to unlock themed vehicles, coins, gears and customization items 
  • Free and premium tiers available 
  • Six DC Comic villain-themed vehicles: Bane, Black Manta, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and The Cheetah 

Hot Wheels Unleashed Batman Expansion 

  • Available 2nd December 2021 
  • Paid DLC pack, or available as part of the Hot Wheels Unleashed Pass Vol.1 
  • Five Batman-themed vehicles: Amored Batman, Batman Rebirth, Robin 2.0T, The Joker GT and The Penguin 
  • Batcave environment 
  • Joker Funhouse Split obstacle module 
  • A Batman-themed customisation pack 

Hot Wheels Unleashed Pass Vol.1 

  • £24.99/$29.99 
  • Includes all content from the Batman Expansion, plus an addition 10 vehicles, three customisation packs and three Track Builder obstacle modules 
  • Boneshaker, Street Fighter M Bison, Superman and Aston Martin DB5 1963 vehicles, Rolling Boulders module and Tropical Wave customisation packs available now 
  • Street Fighter Blanka, Wonder Woman, Acceleracers Deora II and TMNT Leonardo vehicles and Pink Fashion customisation pack available 18th November 2021 
  • Batman Expansion, Acceleracers Baseline and Barbie Dream Camper vehicles, Spinning Tire and Dinopult modules and Holiday customisation pack available 2nd December 2021 
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