Hot Wheels Unleashed DLC will add Barbie, Street Fighter and Aston Martin vehicles

School Bus jumping in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed was already shaping up to be a fun arcade blast, but then in July the inclusion of licenced content from the world of automobiles, film and TV was announced, and our excitement reached fever pitch.

Now, the DLC roadmap has been detailed, which will add more Hot Wheels and licenced content across three passes and a mixture of free and paid items. Free and premium DLC will be released periodically, starting from the launch day on 30th September.

Developer Milestone recently completed a long run of post-release content for its motorcycle game Ride 4, alternating between free and paid content, and it seems lessons have been learned for the Hot Wheels Unleashed plan.

Every month there will be additional Single Items. These will be new vehicles, track builder modules and customisation items. Some of the vehicles will be free. There will also be larger Expansions, which are themed packs that introduce new environments alongside other trinkets.

To combine all the Single Items and Expansions are Hot Wheel Passes. There will be three of these in total, Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.3. It sounds like there will be a lot of downloadable content for this game!

Hot Wheels Unleashed DLC plan

Finally, there will be Racing Seasons, existing outside of the Hot Wheel Passes. This is where you will compete to unlock new vehicles and customisations. What form these challenges will take is to be revealed but having the option of earning rewards is a great idea on paper.

The Hot Wheel Pass Vol.1 will be available from day one. It includes ten vehicles from the likes of Barbie, DC, Street Fighter and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, three customization packs and three track builder modules. It will also include a Batman DLC expansion. All prices and content specifics are yet to be confirmed.

Other brands involved are Masters of the Universe, BMW and McLaren. We’ll keep you updated when they are detailed.

The game will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store). As soon as we have concrete DLC details, we’ll let you know.

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