22HP IAME KA100 added to KartKraft


Developers are in a gifting mood this Christmas. There was the Endurance Bundle from rFactor 2, Automobilista 2 added GT1 cars and now KartKraft, via a free update, is bringing you a brand new kart to play around with – the IAME KA100.

Now, 22HP doesn’t sound like a lot when you compare it to a race car. But, as anyone that’s driven a go-kart will tell you, 22HP just 2 inches off the ground with an 80kg chassis is a ridiculous amount of speed. Okay, it’s not quite the 45HP you get from the KZ2 shifter-karts that are also available in the game but it’s definitely faster than the karts at your local rental track.

There have been some updates to the tyre model too. Gone is the static model – say hello to a dynamic HUD that will show you the hotspots in your tyres, directly affected by contact with the ground and how much you slide around. The new model may mean you need to change your setup to extract the maximum out of this physics change.

Force feedback has also been adjusted, with a “much more refined signal and smoother driving experience” touted by the developers.

Also, Go Kart Club of Victoria has received an additional layout in this update. The reverse layout is now open for players to experience and will almost certainly catch you out with a blind entry into turn 1…

There are also a number of minor additional updates, including:

  • Setup parameters now show their respective units. i.e PSI, Degrees etc
  • HUD elements are now zoomable and moveable using mouse wheel
  • Fixed crash when changing gear ratios on the KZ2 class of karts
  • Kerb response has been improved with a reduced likelihood of flipping

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