You Suck at Parking Season 2 is hotter than ever before

As of 1st December, you can spice things up in the car park with You Suck at Parking Season 2: Inferno, featuring fiery new maps and content!
Big time Jurassic Parking vibes in latest You Suck at Parking update

The game that judges your every move, even in the title, has just released a free update and it’s muy caliente. No, really. You Suck at Parking Season 2: Inferno is here.

Upon firing up the top-down driving game, the latest version is ready to roll and is giving big time Jurassic Parking vibes. With a lovely jungle-esque environment featuring luscious green leaves and lava-filled volcanoes, YSAP will have you guzzling heaps of H2O to cool down even more frustration ensued from the arcade adventure.

Season 2 dropped today (1st December 2022) and includes a fantastically spicy list of fresh content, including the ability to drive while your car is illuminated in fiery flames.

If you recall, the first season simply saw your vehicle explode if you ever-so-slightly bumped into the heated track walls. Now, you can set yourself on fire to complete levels in record time.

It’s LIT – literally!

Don’t worry – you’ll get the chance to drive-thru a car wash and extinguish the flames on those longer drives, when your hunk of metal is mere seconds away from overheating. Strategy is everything in Inferno, in case you haven’t picked that up yet.

New maps are available in single and multiplayer mode, cleverly called the Lava and Jungle Biomes. On a side note: you can team up with a group of four friends to take on another team, creating an absolutely chaotic eight player parking party royale.

As for cosmetics, get creative with new lava, fire and jungle-themed customisable options for your car. You can also earn some shop money by taking part in daily challenges and multiplayer games, too.

And finally, if you’re a Twitch streamer, be sure to gift your viewers the chance to light you up and run you off the road with even more integration options.

Be warned: You Suck at Parking Season 2: Inferno is too lit to quit. I suggest giving yourself plenty of play time (ideally when you’re not on the clock for work) because it took me far longer than I’d like to admit writing this article thanks to the game fully engulfing me in its beautifully addictive flames.

The game is totally free if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, by the way. If not, no sweat—except in the actual game…because of all the inferno madness—Steam is currently offering 20% off the regular €19,00, now only €15,99.

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