You Suck at Parking’s Chaos Mode gives control to Twitch viewers

Crystal Scuor
You Suck at Parking Chaos Mode Graphic

As if the game wasn’t trolling us enough by poking fun of our parking skills with the cheeky title, You Suck at Parking has unleashed a special feature that will have Twitch streamers flipping even more little birdies.

Enter Chaos Mode.

The first thing I thought of while reading about the chaotic new update is that time I took driving lessons when I was 16. My instructor asked me to parallel park (which I surprisingly nailed it) and then turn off the car. While sitting there in that beat-up Honda Civic hatchback, he made me list all of the potential hazards around me. Obstacles, if you will.

Fast forward to the year 2022 and You Suck at Parking is giving me a nightmare of nostalgia by placing obstacles on the road to parking bliss.

Chaos Mode, based on the latest Twitch SDK, gives power to the people in your chat. Simply activate via settings and let the mayhem begin during your game sessions. Once authenticated, chatters will gain access to custom rewards on your channel (by using their channel points).

And just like that, your audience can gift you with a speed boost or completely destroy your day with a mine. Game developers Happy Volcano sure know how to stir the pot and honestly, I’m totally here for it. There are even jump pads… which can be tricky to work with, too.

A fun added bonus to Twitch SDK is the quirky events that will be triggered whenever someone follows or subs to your channel. Basically, a small car with the new community member’s name will appear in-game and will mock your every move for a short period of time. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Twitch users control the You Suck at Parking in-game experience

Chaos Mode is only accessible in the campaign and while leaderboards are shut off, since this feature gives your chat the freedom to disrupt your parking perfection dreams.

It’s available now in Beta form via Steam’s latest update of You Suck at Parking!

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