Wreckfest is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year

Wreckfest is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year

Our favourite car-based smash-em-up, Wreckfest, will be coming to Nintendo’s diminutive portable gaming console later this year.

The game was briefly shown during a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, and while in-game footage is only viewable via a severely compressed YouTube video, it’s still clearly significantly rougher around the edges than its gorgeous PC and home console brethren.

Wreckfest on Nintendo Switch overhead view

Still, that’s to be expected. Heck, it’s Wreckfest on the go. How cool is that?!

Based upon the brief snippet of gameplay, the destructibility of the environments looks to be present and correct, alongside your loveably weird AI rivals. If the gameplay stands up, then count us in.

What remains to be seen is the Switch version will include all existing content, online functionality and how it performs without analogue triggers. What is confirmed, however, is constant 30fps and 16-player multiplayer.

It was listed with a ‘Fall 2021’ release date and I make it that season right now, so stand by, this could be dropping imminently. We’ll hopefully have information about the handheld version of Wreckfest soon.

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