Getaway Chase Tournament now live in Wreckfest

Justin Melillo
Getaway Chase Tournament now live on Wreckfest

There’s a new Tournament available in Wreckfest which will span the next two months here in 2022. As of today (1st March 2022), the ‘Getaway Chase’ is the newest monthly challenge on the Wreckfest servers.

Per the Getaway Chase Tournament Update forum post, the event will take place over the month at Hillstreet Circuit and will be a checkpoint type of game.

Driving in a Tristar that’s been trimmed out and stickered with a racing livery, the goal is to avoid the taxi cabs that will be hogging the best line and earn as many points as possible by hitting as many checkpoints as you can.

That’s just the season challenge. There will be weekly and daily challenges switching out throughout the season. The weekly challenge at the moment of publication is Race Attack, a demolition racing event.

Two new reward bundles have been added, the same Tristar from the Monthly Tournament as well as a Speedemon bundle just below it. Those will cost 20000 Fame and 10000 Fame respectively.

Besides all of that, there is also a PC-only update that dropped on Tuesday as well. Most of it includes improved Multiplayer functionality, but there are a number of other bugs fixed within as well. Check out the full log below.


PC VERSION: 1.285147


  • New tournament season: Getaway Chase
  • New reward bundles for Tristar and Speedemon


  • Improved client/server synchronization reliability, reducing chance of warping.
  • Session Mode support: Session can be set to Normal, Qualifying or Cup. Two types of Qualifying Sessions are available, Sprint or Lap. In Qualifying Sprint, the players participate in a race lasting the set amount of laps that determines the grid order. In Qualifying Lap, the grid is sorted based on the lap times achieved during the qualifying session lasting the set amount of minutes.
  • Added different Grid Order options: Normal, Reverse, Random or Qualifying. In Normal and Reverse, the grid order is determined by the performance points (PP) of the cars and it can be either fastest first (Normal) or slowest first (Reverse). In the case of Qualifying, the grid order is determined by the Qualifying session.
  • Added support for different Cup Points Systems.
  • Added an option (admin/host/moderator only) to toggle between showing Player IDs and avatar icons in the Lobby.
  • Added Send button for sending lobby chat message.


  • Increased Save Game buffer size to resolve reported save game issues.
  • Added Steam Deck virtual keyboard support.


  • Car icons now reflect the correct car variant.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • On Rosenheim, it’s no longer possible to take a shortcut to bypass the start area.
  • Fixed missing collision on Fire Rock Raceway.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • A number of localization fixes.

Source: Bugbear

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