World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing cover stars revealed

Thomas Harrison-Lord
An Amazon listing has revealed the cover, physical release editions and car editor details for the upcoming World of Outlaws Dirt Racing game.
World of Outlaws Dirt Racing cover

Further information for the upcoming World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing game has been revealed thanks to an pre-order listing.

The officially licenced title, created by Monster Games and the team’s new owners iRacing, has slowly been revealing the 13 real-world tracks bit by bit, and in July, revealed the first gameplay footage and release date.

World of Outlaws Dirt Racing cover stars and in-game images revealed

Now, the online retailer has several new images and a product description to delve through.

A car customising paint scheme editor is depicted, showcasing placed an iRacing logo under a ‘decals’ tab, with position, rotation and scale as the available adjustment options. It looks very similar to the feature within Monster Games’ last release, SRX: The Game in 2021, while the 25-player online multiplayer is the same player count.

There is one new addition, however, with an icon (left of the selected star) that appears to indicate shape options.

World of Outlaws Dirt Racing car editor

The game’s cover has also been revealed, with the #49 Sprint Car of reigning champion Brad Sweet aka The Big Cat and 2015 Late Model champion Shane Clanton adorning the front. The Monster Games and iRacing logos also appear, a first for the latter on a physical console package.

Of note, the game will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. However, Amazon only has PS4 and Xbox One versions listed at present, with a digital PS5 upgrade available and a Smart Delivery patch for the digital Xbox Series X|S version.

World of Outlaws Dirt Racing Late Model in-game

World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing launches on 17th September 2022 and will feature a mixture of licenced and unlicensed, or fictional, content to make up six series and over 40 tracks.

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