World of Outlaws Dirt Racing announces more tracks including Port Royal

World of Outlaws Dirt Racing announces more tracks including Port Royal

Port Royal, Cedar Lake, Kokomo and Texas have all been announced to be included in the upcoming World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing title.

Through the new World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing Twitter page (@outlaws_game), the folks behind the upcoming title have been announcing the tracks that will be featured in the upcoming console title over the last few weeks. From the website and their first three tweets, we already knew about Eldora, Volusia and Williams Grove.

Port Royal Speedway is the latest venue to be announced. On Wednesday (20th July 2022), the account tweeted that “The Speed Palace” would be joining the track roster.

The total number of tracks announced to this point is seven, as Cedar Lake Speedway, Kokomo Speedway and the Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track were also announced earlier.

In total, the World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing title will have more than 40 tracks to race on at launch. While all seven of these tracks exists in the real-world, all 40-plus tracks won’t be real-world venues, some will be fictional. That shouldn’t be a surprise as in SRX: The Game and Tony Stewart: All American Racing, also developed by Monster Games, there are a plethora of made up courses to compete on.

As for Port Royal Speedway, this particular dirt track is new to the iRacing service as of this season. It is unclear whether the World of Outlaws title will utilize any of the scan data that iRacing, the publishing company, had previously collected.

Either way, a version of “The Speed Palace” will exist in the console title when it launches in September of 2022. What other dirt tracks do you hope will be in the new game? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below!

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