This is RaceRoom’s X-22 extreme single-seater

Thomas Harrison-Lord
A fictional, contemporary, single-seater racing car has been revealed for RaceRoom, as the X-22 finally makes its much anticipated reveal.
This is RaceRoom's X-22 extreme single-seater

After several teases, RaceRoom Racing Experience has finally unveiled its fictional contemporary single-seater.

Called the X-22, it features a sleek aerodynamic look with smaller wings over the front tyres and a rear wing that is narrower than the car’s track. It all looks reminiscent of (but crucially isn’t) a current-generation Formula 1 car.

It also includes a halo, with the option to switch off the visual effect from the cockpit camera. With RaceRoom supporting VR too, this angle could be the preferred viewpoint to race this new vehicle with.

Also much like the modern-day real-world equivalents, the powertrain will be hybridised and the aerodynamic systems include a drag-reduction system.

The X-22 joins an older-specification single-seater, the Formula RaceRoom X-17, plus the fictionalised IndyCar-aping Formula RaceRoom US on the simulator. The X-22 is said to have all-new physics and sounds, however – the latter a particular strong point of this platform.

Formula RaceRoom X-22 new car, Interlagos

You’ll be able to select from three different tyre compounds, plus a suite of MGU-K modes and engine maps.

It follows Automobilista 2’s Formula Ultimate Generation 2 and rFactor 2’s Formula Pro as non-licenced interpretations of formula vehicles, while iRacing is expected to launch the Mercedes-AMG F1 W13 E Performance.

Formula RaceRoom X-22

The new model was originally teased way back in May 2021 with a forum post about future updates and content. It was then hinted at in May of this year with an Interlagos teaser. There is a lack of pricing and release date information for the new racer just yet, other than ‘just around the corner’.

Is that… a remodelled Zandvoort?

Look closely. Right at the back. Is that the increased banking at the Dutch circuit.

It certainly looks like it, alongside the current sponsorship, we can deduce that an updated circuit is also arriving, hopefully at the same time as the new car.

New Zandvoort RaceRoom Racing Experience

The X-22 will be available in over 30 ‘country-themed’ livery designs, with more being revealed ahead of launch. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

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