Full rundown: Forza Horizon 5’s August Festival Playlist, Rami’s Racing History

Justin Melillo
Here’s the full run-down of what to expect in the Rami’s Racing History Series of Forza Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist.
Forza Horizon 5 latest festival celebrates Rami's Racing History, full playlist rundown

The upcoming month of racing action on Forza Horizon 5 will be a historical journey thanks to the Rami’s Racing History theme in the next series. This is officially the 11th series since the launch of Forza Horizon 5, but it seems that the increasing numbers are no longer being used to signify a series change.

Announced last month during the Series 10 Extreme E unveil, the theme of Rami’s Racing History was explained in part first during this month’s Forza Monthly and then broken down in the latest episode of Lets GO! later on. We’ll be learning about different cars through history this time around.

Ramiro “Rami” Luiz Miron is one of the characters from the Horizon 5 story mode. His Racing History theme will take players on a journey through the different decades of car development and production. Alongside the festival, a new Horizon Story called “Made in Mexico” which focuses on Mexico’s rich history of car culture will also drop during this series.

Each season stays the same, from the Wet Summer all the way through the Hot Spring. Like the previous Extreme E festival, each will also focus on a particular topic, this time on the cars of the decade.

Summer will represent everything up until the 1970s, Autumn takes on the seventies and eighties, Winter will focus on the nineties and noughties, and Spring will feature the 2010s and onward.

As always, we’ve got the full breakdown of what’s in store as far as rewards, how to earn points through the series and some of the events to look out for in each season.


The Rami’s Racing History Festival Playlist offers up 252 total points to obtain over the four weeks or seasons. The prizes also fit the theme for the overall progression of the series.

After earning 80 PTS, doable after the first two seasons, a ‘rare’ 2021 BMW M4 is earned. It can totally be done in three weeks if you push hard, but earning 160 PTS gets you a ‘legendary’ Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR.

As mentioned above, the new Horizon Store “Made in Mexico” drops during the festival. Completing the entire story with a perfect 27 stars will get you a ‘Forza Edition’ of the Meyers Manx and 12 PTS to utilize over all four weeks. Other monthly tasks, Forza EV and Monthly Rivals, will get you 4 PTS each.


First up is the Summer, the Wet Season which will honor vehicles made before 1970.

The monthly rewards include a pair of ‘legendary’ pieces, a Porsche 550 at 20 PTS and a Maserati 8CTF at 40 PTS.

For the #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge, you’ll need a 1961 Jaguar E-Type to complete the chapters

In the Summer Trial, a ‘legendary’ #24 Ferrari P4 and 10 PTS can be unlocked by completing the Stock Showdown: Mini Cooper S edition. An Eventlab from “Typehardfark” titled Motorsport Mexico offers the ‘epic’ Jaguar E-Type that is needed for the Weekly Challenge.

There are a number of ‘common’ cars up fro grabs in the Summer playlist. Still, these are all classics of our time and are great pieces to own a part to. Plus, you get to do things like PR Stunts and Seasonal Championships and you earn PTS too.

The ‘common’ cars are the Chevy 150 Sedan, the Chevy Impala and the Ford Coupe from 1932. There is also a ‘rare’ Ford Mustang dated 1969 that can nicely be won in the Desert Racing Seasonal Championship.

There will be a Treasure Hunt in the Summer, “Give Me Five” is the title, and the clue reads “take 5 for a luxury road experience like it’s 1932. You’ll probably need that ‘common’ 1932 Ford Coupe here.

As for the Photo Challenge, it’s #INTHEJUNGLE and requires a picture of a 1953 Morris Minor 1000 in the Ek’ Balam area of the map. 20 Air Skills in Horizon Open Racing can get you a ‘rare’ Ford Escort from 1973.

Finally, for those with the Hot Wheels Expansion DLC, there is a Super Wheelspin and 7 total PTS up for grabs, but also a ‘common’ 1965 Pontiac GTO.


Moving on to Autumn, the Storm Season, Forza Horizon 5 will be celebrating with cars from the seventies and eighties.

At 20 PTS, a ‘rare’ Holden Commodore (VK) is unlocked while at 40 PTS, an ‘epic’ Toyota Trueno can be added to your inventory.

This week’s #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge will require the use of a 1977 Ford #5 Escort RS 1800 MKII. I bet you can get that specific car at some point later in the playlist.

Oh yeah, there it is. That ‘epic’ find can be won in a game of Team Flag Rush in the Seasonal Playground Games. Other ‘epic’ cars in the Autumn include a Ford RS200 and a 1981 Ford Fiesta, unlocked for those in the Hall of Fame that can take on The Trial, a Stock Showdown with the Ford RS200 Evolution.

Autumn also has its share of ‘common’ cars, while not as exclusive as other festivals, still a great thing to be able to win for free, basically.

Those ‘common’ prizes include a Jeep CJ5, a Volvo 242 Turbo, a Lotus Elan and a Reliant Supervan.

No Treasure Hunt this week, possibly for the first time in over a month. There is a Photo Challenge though.

#READYTOROCK will require a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 to be photographed in the Valle De Las Ranas area. ‘Epic’ Leather Boots are won, plus 2 PTS.

For the Hot Wheels players, there’s yet another Super Wheelspin and a ‘rare’ 1988 BMW M5 to win.


In the Winter, Forza Horizon 5’s Dry Season, the theme moves over to the nineties and noughties. Those are fond times of mine growing up, ruining my dad’s red 1992 Hyundai Elantra with the stick shift as a kid and such.

Anyway, there are some cool cars from the era here, and for 20 PTS, a ‘common’ Subaru Legacy RS’ is unlocked. For 40 PTS, something maybe a little better, depending on your perspective – a ‘legendary’ Jaguar XJ220.

A 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R is required to take on the #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge. It is available to purchase in the Autoshow for 35,000 Credits if you haven’t unlocked it otherwise. Or you can subject yourself to The Eliminator and finish better than 30th to get that ‘common’ dub.

An ‘epic’ Ferrari 575M can can won in The Trial for the Winter, which happens to be a Stock Showdown with the Volvo 850 R. A ‘common’ Volvo 850, along with a ‘common Honda S2000 are also obtained in the festival.

While you can get the ‘legendary’ SO CUTE emote in the Eventlab, those looking for cool cars can win a ‘rare’ Nissan GT-R from 2002 and an ‘epic’ Ferrari F355 in the other tasks ahead.

The Treasure Hunt returns in the Winter, a “Race Against Time” asking players to “race like it’s 1999 with a purrrfect finish.”

Not sure about the cat puns, or the ‘epic’ Cat Meow Car Horn as a reward for the Photo Challenge. To complete #MAKEANENTRANCE, you’ll need a picture of a 1997 Mitsubishi GTO under the Arch of Mulege.

Hot Wheelers, if you do See You Saloon, you can walk away with a ‘rare’ Audi RS 4 from 2006. Oh, and a Super Wheelspin if you do the other thing.


The final season, the final countdown in the decade theme. Spring’s Hot Season takes us to the 2010s and beyond with a litany of tasks geared up for providing players with more timely cars of the day.

20 PTS will earn you a ‘rare’ Xpeng P7 while 40 PTS gets you an ‘epic’ BMW E92 M3 GTS.

The Spring’s #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge will necessitate the use of one 2012 Lotus Exige S, otherwise known as one of the prize cars found later in the week’s Festival Playlist.

A final Trial, a final Stock Showdown with the Megane R.S. will give Hall of Famers an ‘epic’ Honda Civic for winning. While the 2020 Land Rover Defender and Maserati Levante are both considered ‘common’ cars, I would be more than ecstatic to get my hands on a real-world version of either.

Besides those, four ‘rare’ cars also sit in this playlist, waiting to be unlocked. A Rally Fighter, that Exige S I mentioned before, a Porsche Cayman and a 2018 BMW M5 are all unlockable here.

The final set of challenges doesn’t include another Treasure Hunt, but a pair of ‘epic’ prizes can be won with the other two tasks ahead.

The #NEWCARSMELL Photo Challenge will need the use of a 2020 Toyota GR Supra and the location for the photo is simple – the Horizon Mexico Festival gate. Do that for 2 PTS and socks. There are also Golden Trophies to smash around the map for a better prize – an ‘epic’ Formula D 599 and 3 PTS!

Finally, those with the Hot Wheels events can get yet another Super Wheelspin while winning the Warp Speed Seasonal Championship earns a ‘common’ 2013 Renault Clio.

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