Euro Truck Simulator 2

WATCH: Three Wise Men, part 2

Join us again as our Three Wise Men continue their mission to save Christmas. Oasley, John and Rich are on the road to Scandinavia to pick up a trailer full of presents and deliver them back to Glasgow. With all three destined for different Scandinavian destinations, it’s still not clear who will cross the line first. It’s even less clear what condition their payloads will be in judging from the incidents witnessed in part 1…

In this European leg of the journey, the Traxion trio must obey all the rules of the road or face stiff time penalties – although John and Oasley appear not to care and are absolutely (sugar) caning it. Will the group face any EU red tape on their Christmas journey? We can’t be sure, but Rich has his blue passport ready just in case,

How will John cope on his way to Jönköping? Will Oasley be picking up a large swear jar on the way back home? Will the trio continue to shout ‘Jesus’ at regular intervals, in keeping with the festive theme? Subscribe and tune in to the second part in preparation for the grand finale – trucking over to you on Christmas day!

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