WATCH: Three Wise Men, part 3

Ross McGregor

It’s the final festive part of our Three Wise Men mercy mission using Euro Truck Simulator 2. Big Oas, big John and big Rich are leaving their Scandinavian pick-up points and are headed back to Glasgow. Delivering presents to the needy Glaswegian bairns is all part of the job for the trio, but after all the road crashes one wonders if the children will even want a load of battered Lynx gift sets or fire-damaged Toblerones?

Oasley and John are well in the lead after part 2, but in a final lap plot twist Michael Masi would be proud of, Rich has been given a shorter route back home as he heads to the port of Rotterdam, while John and Oasley are stuck with the longer route via Calais. Speeding and crashing on the EU roads is punishable with time penalties, so will Rich’s more considered approach win the day?

Will any of the truckers embarrassingly forget to drive on the left side of the road in the UK? Will Rich take the win after some sneaky assistance, or will an errant Volvo glued to his front bumper thwart his efforts? Why is Oasley now called ‘Nootylicious’ in game? Will any of the protagonists be distracted by passing the fine town of Cumbernauld?

We can’t be sure of that, but we’re certain the trucking trio will end up crashing at some point…

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