WATCH: The hidden discipline within Live For Speed

Did you know about the track editor and native mod support within Live for Speed?

Watch this video to find out more, where I revisit by youth and test out user-generated track layouts for the full autocross or hillclimb vibe. I’ll also show you how to find them and install them, which is very straightforward.

Then I’ll test out some of the community’s unlicenced mods which are available from within the simulation platform and are breathing new life into this 20-year-old driving title.

As ever, let us know in the comments below if you’re tempted to try these latest additions and here is every track we used in this video:

Main Forum page for finding layouts: https://www.lfs.net/forum/27-Autocross-Layouts

Westhill Stage Rally (W340): https://www.lfs.net/forum/thread/94004-Westhill-Stage-Rally-%28WSR%29

LFS Rally Pack Stage 2 (CarlLefrancois): https://www.lfs.net/forum/thread/81696

BL1Y Industrial Park Super Stage (osen): https://www.lfs.net/forum/thread/95494-BL1Y-Industrial-park-Super-Stage

LorenzRing (thegamer23): https://www.lfs.net/forum/thread/95533-LorenzRing-Layout

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