WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 6

The latest episode of this Let’s Play series on Race Driver: GRID is coming at you once again on a Sunday night. It’s Episode 6 and this week, we’re staying a little closer to home.

John Traxion will be working on his European license this time out. I’ve gone and purchased my own personal Jedi FJ1000 new. With the new paint job I’ve put on my team cars for this episode, this truly reminds me of my Dad’s real race car. I’ll race at Donington first, which honestly feels like a superspeedway in these cars, and then I’ll finish this series at the Nurburgring.

After that, I’ll purchase a used TVR Tuscan Challenge for another European club racing series, two more races at the Donington Superspeedway. It’s a good week for gaining some credit in the European racing scene and working on some sponsorship moves for a bigger payoff in these races.

If you haven’t yet seen the first five episodes in the series, I highly recommend checking those out. Until next time, make sure you subscribe for the upcoming GRID World play through, and don’t forget to keep it pinned.

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