WATCH: New KartKross and a Secret Track? KartKraft Update

A few weeks ago, KartKraft added some new content for free for those who already have the early access karting simulator purchased. The new content included a new racing kart and a new venue, both of which John Munro got to take for a spin in today’s video.

The kart is called KartKross, and it’s a beast of a vehicle. Lifted from the floor with a hefty suspension, combined with some insane acceleration, this thing really goes. However, the KartKross vehicle is more meant for off-road racing than on the tarmac. Unfortunately, there are no off-road tracks in KartKraft just yet. It’s still fun to sling around on the new Brentomonte circuit as well.

It really is a shame to have this KartKross with no content that truly supports it just yet. But what if there was an unofficial off-road track hiding in existing KartKraft content?

John has been to the Genk circuit before on the channel, but today he’s going back to see what exists beyond the barriers of the regular karting track. Definitely watch until the end for a fun surprise. Tell us your thoughts about the new KartKross in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe for more content on the Traxion channel like this!

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