WATCH: Dave Cam’s Pick N’ Mix Challenge – Ford Mustang at Nürburgring | Week 10 FINALE

Dave Cam returns for his final episode of the Pick N’ Mix Challenge, where the Traxion.GG community chooses which iRacing race he competes in. This time, it’s the Ford Mustang at the Nürburgring.

This iRacing season has been filled with many challenges, and entering the tenth week of Dave Cam’s Pick N’ Mix Challenge, another one has been thrown in Dave’s direction. Sitting with 83 points left to complete the challenge, Dave will unfortunately have to miss the final two weeks of the season. That means today, it’s all or nothing.

To further complicate things, the original winning combination as voted on by the Traxion.GG community is not happening this week on iRacing. Therefore, Dave is going with the next top voted combo, and that’s the Production Car Challenge at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Dave will be wheeling the Ford Mustang in the multi-class racing event.

The Pick N’ Mix challenge that Dave has been presented with is that he must gain 395 iRating during the course of 2022 iRacing Season 2. While he can gain iRating with good finishes, he can also lose it with bad results. He can also use a ‘joker’ which doubles his iRating gain or loss, but requires him to skip qualifying.

Since it’s all or nothing and Dave won’t be able to gain 83 points in one final sitting, the ‘joker’ is in play. He’s got a lucky break and will start from third. However, a third place finish won’t be good enough to beat the challenge. Can Dave gain enough in three laps at the Nordschleife to complete the Pick N’ Mix challenge? Stay tuned to see the series conclusion!

Check out Dave’s other Pick N’ Mix races on the season at InterlagosWatkins GlenDaytonaBarcelonaBathurstBarber, Donington, Zandvoort and Brands Hatch. Thanks to all who have participated in the voting and have been following along with the challenge. Stay tuned for Dave’s next challenge when iRacing 2022 Season 3 goes live in June.

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