WATCH: Dave Cam goes iRacing – Mazda MX-5 – Week 3 at Lime Rock Park

WATCH: Dave Cam goes iRacing - Mazda MX-5 - Week 3 at Lime Rock Park

Week 3 continues on the iRacing service. Once more, Dave Cam is putting his money where his mouth is. While his iRacing track guide for Lime Rock Park showed off the slow and methodical approach, today’s race will take some patience as Dave navigates the pack from last place. Once again in the Traxion Global Mazda MX-5 Cup livery, Dave has 20 laps ahead in a top split race at Lime Rock Park.

Lime Rock Park in particular is another track where momentum plays a big part. Cars will be packed up together, so minimizing mistakes and making moves at the right time will be key. The circuit is 1.53-miles or 2.46-kilometers in length. There are nine turns, and a number of them can be passing zones if you set up the corner correctly.

It’s a much cleaner affair than last week. Dave started last, but you can guarantee that won’t be where he finishes. Other people’s mistakes will help, but Dave also knows how to play his opponents around him. Alternate lines aplenty in this week’s episode.

Tune in and watch how Dave does in these 20 laps. He’s got the insight to know the people around him, what they might do, and how to stay out of trouble. He knows the layout from the track guide knowledge, but that’s only half the battle when online racing.

Check out Dave’s collection of track guides, car guides, content previews and full races on the Traxion YouTube channel and the Traxion.GG website. When it comes to iRacing knowledge, Dave Cam is worth his salt. You best pay attention if you’re like this editor who struggles on road racing events. Trust me, it all checks out. If it’s helping you out as well, leave a like on this video. Hit the Subscribe button and ring the bell for future Dave Cam drops!

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