WATCH: Getting The Best From The Mazda MX-5 on iRacing | Dave Cam

So we’ve got this guy, Dave Cam, and he’s pretty good at racing on the iRacing service. He’s particularly great at making helpful guides on the platform with that slow, methodical approach for teaching. While we usually have him on for track guidance, today is going to be a Dave Cam car guide.

Rookies to iRacing will be very familiar with the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup car as it’s a free addition when signing up for the service. Therefore, with so many drivers going through the rookie ranks to start their iRacing careers, the MX-5 Cup is one of the most popular cars to drive in the game. It also helps that it’s a popular car in general for drivers of all skill levels.

Dave has the tips and tricks to get everything you can out of the iRacing MX-5. From reference points to how to get the most out of any corner, from the ABS braking system in the car, gearing, and much more, strap in and learn what makes this Mazda tick.

This car guide takes place at Okayama International Circuit, and it’s the perfect place to practice all of Dave’s tips. If you haven’t checked out one of Dave’s guides before, definitely give those a watch. If you enjoyed what you saw today, give us a like on this video and subscribe for more content like this!

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