2022 iRacing Season 1 Global Mazda MX-5 Fanatec Cup – Week 3 at Lime Rock Park Track Guide | Dave Cam

Moving on to Week 3 in iRacing 2022 Season 1, Dave Cam returns for yet another proper track guide. The Global Mazda MX-5 Fanatec Cup takes on Lime Rock Park’s Grand Prix layout in the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup car.

Lime Rock Park’s Grand Prix layout adds a chicane at the Uphill, following the No Name Straight, but avoids the chicane at the West Bend. The circuit is 1.53-miles or 2.46-kilometers in length and features nine corners through a small section of mountains in Connecticut. This particular course was recently updated on the iRacing service. Don’t worry, Dave still has the markers you need to look for to make it around properly.

The slow and methodical approach is perfect for a momentum-based course like Lime Rock Park. Dave knows just how much kerb is available without collecting an off-track incident point. Keeping up the speed through the sweeping corners will be key. Remember though, this is not a place for hot laps.

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