art of rally

WATCH: Breaking a world record in art of rally, part 1

I’m back at it again. After my recent video where I (mild spoilers) nearly beat a world record, I was contented with a top-three placing.

Or at least, I was until I went to sleep. The next morning, the contentment turned to an itch I needed to scratch. Why didn’t I keep going to try and get number one? Is the top step possible?

I couldn’t think straight, idly swirling the milk amongst my bowl of Cheerios. My life just didn’t feel complete without a world record.

So, before the Nintendo Switch owners and Game Pass subscribers get to taste the sweet sweet nectar that is art of rally leaderboard dominance, I decided to give this another shot. I was going to get first place, no matter how long it took me. Watch to find out how I got on…

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