art of rally

art of rally also makes its way onto Nintendo Switch this summer

art of rally Nintendo Switch

Our favourite retro-top-down-rally-racer ‘art of rally’ will be available via the Nintendo eShop later this year.

No specific date is announced as yet, but summer 2021 is the current schedule as revealed during yesterday’s Indie World showcase.

As members of the art of rally cognoscenti, we think the Nintendo Switch is an ideal platform for the game. The unique visuals are one thing, but the gameplay that is easy to pick up but a challenge to master is perfectly suited to the nature of mobile gaming.

The game originally launched on PC in 2020 as a follow-up to Absolute Drift, and since then has seen several updates. Recently, it was announced it would make its way across to Game Pass and Xbox consoles later this year and an upcoming Kenyan environment has also been highlighted.

Now that both Xbox and Nintendo Switch are catered for, there are just the ~120 million PS4/PS5 owners to appease. Here’s hoping this is in the works.

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more news about art of rally and keep your eyes peeled later this week as our John tries a world record attempt…

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