TrackIR head tracking added to KartKraft

TrackIR head tracking added to KartKraft

The Early Access karting simulator, KartKraft, has released a new build and it includes head tracking.

The TrackIR system for PC players follows head movements and allows you to look left, right, up and down in a first-person perspective without the need of a VR headset. This is up to six degrees of freedom (6DOF).

Of course, KartKraft already supports VR, but now you have the option of TrackIR too to deliver added immersion.

This addition is part of a build release that also takes advantage of Unreal Engine 4.25 and fixes a bug that prevented the ability to bind brake input to a gamepad.

Whether you’re using a controller or wheel, non-VR, VR or TrackIR, KartKraft now has you covered. When we spoke to Motorsport Games Australia Director of Studio Zach Griffin earlier this year, he teased many new additions coming to the game soon. Stay tuned for more KartKraft news as and when we receive it.

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