The inspiration behind BeamNG.drive, developer interview | Traxion.GG Podcast S3 E10

Hear from Nataliia Dmytriievska and Jared Samuelson, part of the team behind soft-physics simulator and driving game BeamNG.drive as we discuss its origins, the meaning of its name, developmental challenges and what the future holds. 

For those unaware, BeamNG.drive – or BeamNG or just Beam for short – is available via Early Access for Steam, and has been since 2015 following a demo in 2013, initially based up Rigs of Rods.  

v.024 update was just released, with several improvements, PBR upgrades and a tease at some new pre-holiday content – we’ll delve into that in particular in this discussion, so stay tuned for some hints you won’t hear anywhere else. 

BeamNG.drive is much more than just crashes, as the team explains the attention to detail they put into making each vehicle behaviour perfectly, based upon real-world experience, and their goals for the simulation. 

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