Take flight in Jetborne Racing, coming to Steam in May

Justin Melillo
Jetborne Racing

Virtual reality and flying airplanes have been synonymous for a while now, but what about racing some airplanes in what I can only describe as F-Zero and Ace Combat combined? 

OK, maybe not that combination exactly, but Jetborne Racing is sure to thrill for VR users, and hey, if you don’t have one, or can’t use VR like me, the game has physical controls available as well.  

Coming to Steam in May at some point, Jetborne Racing by Boundless Dynamics, LLC is made to test your virtual flight skills at high speeds against up to seven other pilots across a multitude of different courses. For realism, the game implements G-force induced loss of consciousness if you fly too intensely. 

In somewhat of a Mario Kart-esque style, there are also shields, cannons, missiles, tractor beams, and mines to use against your opponents. The racing can be multiplayer or single player with ghosts and leaderboards to go against on your own. The end of the trailer even shows a post-race podium celebration with virtual champagne spraying. Neat! 

Jetborne Racing

Boundless Dynamics, LLC already has one game on the Steam store, VTOL VR, another flight game that is only made for VR flying. On their Discord, it’s said that Jetborne will be a test project for further multiplayer developments in the flight combat game already available. 

Regardless, the racing itself looks intense. Yeah, it’s not a car, truck, motorcycle, or anything we normally cover here at Traxion, but it is virtual racing, and we do love that, even if it is in a flying death trap. 

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