Mini Motorways coming to Steam 20th July

Justin Melillo
Mini Motorways

It was announced on Monday that the popular mobile game on the Apple Arcade, Mini Motorways, would be coming to Steam for both Windows PC and macOS on 20th July. 

Mini Motorways, the mobile descendant of Mini Metro from developer Dinosaur Polo Club, is a “minimalist strategy simulation” for designing and charting the most efficient routes for bustling traffic in busy virtual cities.  

Mini Motorways
The tutorial map gives a basic idea of how things work.

It’s essentially a top-down map making game where it’s up to the player to make traffic flow at its best ability. There will be problems to solve, and how it can be done in the most economical way will further continue to allow for growth in each city. Utilization of bridges, tunnels, traffic lights, and the latest addition to the game, roundabouts. We call them circles where I come from. 

The release video shows the same basic game play from the mobile version will be coming to the larger scale for computer enthusiasts. From a little hands-on experience, it’s definitely possible to get lost in time creating new paths for your miniature drivers as they are just trying to get from point a to point b. 

Mini Motorways
I prefer to play in dark mode.

The trailer also name-drops Moscow, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Munich, Dubai, Beijing, Los Angeles and Manila. Dubai is a new map location, along with another one not from the trailer, Mexico City. The new maps will also release on the mobile version along with the addition of a new gif capture feature. 

The title will release at $9.99 USD / €8.19 / £6.99, and there will be a launch discount of 10% via Steam. The mapping simulator will also be available on the Nintendo Switch early next year. 

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