Skatepark coming to Hot Wheels Unleashed

Justin Melillo

The fourth venue for the upcoming title Hot Wheels Unleashed will be Skatepark per a video released by Milestone on Thursday.

Skatepark joins Garage, Skyscraper, and College Campus on the arcade-style racer’s environment roster. While the game is still a work in progress due out at the end of September, it’s great to see so much early content. The toy cars, the modeled tracks, and the scenery have all been fantastic to witness in each trailer, and Skatepark’s unveiling is no different.

In what looks like an indoor portion of a skating park, Skatepark has a ton of free space to be creative with building different tracks. The included ramps, railings, and beams can all be utilized with the plastic track pieces to make all sorts of racing routes.

Seven new vehicles are also on display through the trailer. Bad to the Blade, Hot Wheels High, Veloci-Racer, Solid Muscle, Tur-Bone Charged, Roller Toaster and Time Attaxi are just a small sample of the more than 60 vehicles that will be ready to race out of the gates.

It is expected that we see more about this new game as it gets closer to the release date. There could even be more in the near future with all of the gaming showcases coming up before, during, and after E3.

The release does mention that “more environments and cars will be revealed in the next months,” so stay tuned over here at Traxion while we all continue to keep our eyes on this possible masterpiece.

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