College Campus track unveiled for Hot Wheels Unleashed

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Hot Wheels Unleashed College Campus location 01

The steady reveal of information about the upcoming Hot Wheels Unleashed arcade racer continues with the release of new gameplay footage and images of the College Campus Environment.

We’ve already seen the initial reveal trailer, the first gameplay footage and now we see the third in-game arena, following the Garage and then the Skyscraper track announcement last month.

Continuing the diverse range of locations, College Campus sees you hurling your diecast models around the famous orange tracks within a library, a classroom, and a chemistry lab. The scope of this game seems to be much bigger than simply a bedroom.

When the game releases, there will be over 60 Hot Wheels vehicles based upon available toys, and in this gameplay footage, six more have been showcased: The Street Wiene, Total Disposal, Power Rocke, Skull Crushe, Tanknato, Winning Formula and Exotique.

Based purely on this trailer, which is still a work in progress, the graphical fidelity and smooth visuals feature a distinct ‘next-gen’ feel. The way the light reflects off the diecast models and the detailed surround environment are both very impressive.

Hot Wheels Unleashed College Campus location 04

It all looks like it’s coming together well, but the proof will be in the gameplay. Hot Wheels Unleashed will be releasing on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC this September and we’ll keep you updated closer to the launch.

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