rFactor 2’s Circuit Zandvoort updated following F1’s Dutch GP

At the beginning of September, rFactor 2 racers were treated to an updated Circuit Zandvoort just in time for Formula 1’s Dutch Grand Prix. The race took place a few days later, and now nearly a month later, the rFactor 2 version of the track has been updated to match specifics from the Grand Prix weekend.

DRS zones, pit exit placement and general visual updates are included in Wednesday’s update. Some of the curbs received some virtual paint to spruce up the place. There are also a host of AI updates to the track after seeing how the professional drivers tackled the venue.

In online competition, the previous version of Circuit Zandvoort hosted a Formula Pro event which was won by the hometown hero and now champion Bono Huis.

The premium circuit is still free for rFactor 2 racers in the Steam Workshop. The changelog in full is listed below.

Zandvoort V2.58 Update Notes

  • Updated Curb and Run off colours
  • Corrected Pit Exit location
  • Updated DRS Zones
  • AI Fixes:
  • Adjusted T3 Lines
  • Reduced chance of touching curbs at T5
  • Improved Block Paths
  • Fixed AI error on start finish straight
  • Added missing brake markers
  • Added missing road lines on GP circuit cut through
  • Fixed some assets which were sinking into the terrain or floating over the terrain
  • Fixed an issue where roads would not reflect over the start finish line
  • Fixed Pit Object groupings so fixtures only rendered when a car is present
  • Fixed missing wheels on Food Trucks
  • Some minor optimization fixes
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