rFactor 2 update adds fixes for BTCC and Formula Pro cars 

Ross McGregor
rFactor 2’s latest hotfix addresses minor issues with the Infiniti and Toyota BTCC cars, as well as the Formula Pro single-seater
rFactor 2 update adds fixes for BTCC and Formula Pro cars 

Studio 397 has today (21st July) released an update to rFactor 2, bringing several fixes for the Infiniti Q50, Toyota Corolla GR Sport and Formula Pro cars.  

Separate to the recent July 2022 Release Candidate build, this hotfix solves a few small issues in a year that has seen an impressive breadth of quality additions – including licensed BTCC and IndyCar content. 

The hotfix has been released to tidy up some of the sound, AI and graphics issues users have experienced since the largely successful release of the two BTCC cars. The Formula Pro – as used in the Formula Pro and Formula Challenge – also receives some attention. 

The pace of AI-controlled Toyota and Infiniti cars has been given a much-needed boost, as even on the highest level of AI speed (120%) I was commonly still well over one second a lap faster at Brands Hatch Indy using high fuel and hard tyres. 

Infiniti Q50, Toyota Corolla GR Sport, BTCC,rFactor 2, Brands Hatch Indy, Donington Park GP 24

The Infiniti-driving AI have also undergone intensive training, bringing themselves closer to the level of the Toyota drivers – presumably after attending a short tutorial at the Ash Sutton School of Race Pace. 

The adjustments to AI lap times also arrive with minor sound and graphical tweaks, plus the much-requested update to tyre sidewall colours depending on the compound used. 

The V10-engined Formula Pro car receives small fixes to its recently upgraded soundtrack, with brakes and external sounds in cockpit view given a touch-up. 

Are you impressed with rFactor 2’s recent spate of fixes and content updates? Let us know n the comments below. 

rFactor 2 July 2022 hotfix changelog: 

Formula Pro 1.21 

  • Removed old SFX files 
  • Reworked volume of grass and brakes 
  • Increased external volumes in cockpit view 

Infiniti Q50 2020 1.11 

  • Fixed gap in wheel 
  • Steering wheel fix 
  • Fixed missing turbo sound 
  • Fixed typo in sound file 
  • Added different graphical tire compounds 
  • Increased AI grip 
  • Sped AI up a bit to match Toyota 
  • Reworked volume levels for grass, gravel and brakes 

Toyota Corolla 2020 1.13 

  • Fixed issue on chassis model 
  • Made texture behind front grill darker 
  • Fixed missing sound 
  • Fixed typo in sound file 
  • Increased amount of dirt visible on internal windows 
  • Added graphical tire compounds 
  • Fixed rim and rim blur 
  • Increased AI grip 
  • Increased AI speed 
  • Reworked volume levels for grass, gravel and brakes 

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