RENNSPORT sim’s digital ownership “not an NFT”

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Speaking at a recent launch event, RENNSPORT CEO Morris Hebecker has dismissed claims that the upcoming sim racing platform will use NFTs.
RENNSPORT sim’s digital ownership “not an NFT”

During a live media event in Munich, Germany – in front of 100 professional sim racing drivers – more details for the upcoming RENNSPORT title have been revealed.

The game’s stated three pillars are first a sim racing game, then an esports platform and finally real digital ownership.

“In the middle, you need a great sim racing game and that is what we are doing first,” said CEO and co-founder Morris Hebecker.

Morris Hebecker, RENNSPORT
Matthew Trivett (l) interviews RENNSPORT CEO Morris Hebecker

“But, it’s also creating new technology, creating APIs, producing esports broadcasts, getting modders involved and monetise what they make.

“It’s risky, I’m sure for the next step for sim racing, you need a product that is more than a game.”

Work started on the project at the end of 2020, but it was the launch communications in April that led to rumours of non-fungible token usage.

“Your assets will be owned by you. And you can trade them through the marketplace of your choice,” read the sim’s website.

“It’s not a f*****g NFT game, to be honest,” rebutted Hebecker.

“We got a lot of good feedback, but when our website went up, we thought ‘oh my god’. There were a lot of rumours.”

“For me, real digital ownership shows the next level of publishing. User-generated content has really come up and allows publishers to make money from content by the community. But, the owner never gets something really back from that.


“I believe real digital ownership is the future. All stakeholders own their rights. This content will then be worth something.

“A content creator could earn money from their IP and we create a platform where we legalise the content.

Each car will have an eVIN and a digital logbook – the finer details as to how this will work is as yet unclear.

“We will decide the right technology to make it happen, it’s not an NFT.”

We are going to be hands-on with an alpha build of RENNSPORT over the next two days and hopefully speak to those involved. We shall report back with our feedback next week.

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