New sim Rennsport to focus on esports and modding

New sim Rennsport to focus on esports and modding

New racing sim Rennsport, from German developers Competition Company, promises to focus on the modding and esports community from the get-go.

Coming somewhat of the blue today, (8th April 2022) German developer Competition Company released details of their debut sim racing title Rennsport .

With a development team made up of, and advised by, “professional drivers, racing strategists, programmers and Esports experts,” Rennsport has promised to create an “ultra-realistic racing game for the PC.”

Actual concrete details on what the game will play like are thin on the ground at this stage, but what we do know is that it will be created using Unreal Engine 5, which perhaps hints its graphics will be impressive.

Rennsport BMW M4 GT3

Another confirmed aspect of Rennsport is the involvement of both BMW and Porsche. The German car giants feature their M4 GT3 and GT3R race cars respectively, which makes us wonder if Rennsport will be a GT3 simulator to rival the official GT World Challenge game Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Rennsport already has a confirmed partnership with ESL, an esports event organiser and producer, stating that “everything will be developed with the requirements of Esports in mind from the very beginning.”

Modding is also set to feature prominently too, contrary to most modern racing games, and players will be free to create and trade their digital assets via the marketplace of their choice. Whether this ‘digital asset trading’ means cars and tracks or Non-Fungible Tokens remains to be seen, as we still await confirmation on the vagaries of Rennsport’s driving and in-game economy systems.

Rennsport BMW M4 GT3 Fanatec wheel

In addition to the game, developers plan to release a companion mobile app to help players find and enter races, as well as manage their digital content.

A closed beta will be available to players in summer 2022, with an open beta scheduled for spring 2023. No release date or price details have been supplied at this stage.

What do you make of Rennsport? Does it sound like it will be a haven for the modding community? Will it be a true PC simulation experience like Asetto Corsa Competizione or rFactor 2? We will be sure to keep a close eye on its progress.

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