Reiza Studios now offering Automobilista 2 Paddock Club membership

Justin Melillo
The Automobilista 2 Paddock Club is the newest option to get in on everything Reiza Studios has to offer, and it’s only available for a limited time.

When Automobilista 2 released in the early portion of 2020, Reiza Studios also offered a separate Season Pass for the year which would envelope all of the content they planned to provide extra post-launch.

That Season Pass eventually evolved into the Season Pass for 2020 through 2022, and even in 2023, it’s still being fulfilled as one last piece remains in the Adrenaline Pack DLC what’s due to launch imminently alongside the V1.5 update. That DLC brings Rallycross and dirt racing onto the platform for the first time.

Even with that pass out of the way, Reiza doesn’t plan to stop there. Instead of another Season Pass that would somewhat box the developers into a set amount of content, Reiza is going the route of a membership, a one-time payment in tiers depending on where a player might sit as far as their content level is currently.

These details regarding their new membership program, dubbed the Paddock Club, were unveiled in the V1.5 Development Update posting on the Reiza Forums on Monday (19th June) as well as a separate post with all of the details and the method on how to sign up.

The Paddock Club is Reiza’s new avenue to provide content outside the base game, as well as a method for players to get involved in future development of the title. It is both a way to get all the current and future content as well as a way to possibly partake in early access to beta-type content.

The one-time membership allows for Reiza to set their own schedule, in turn, without the need to hit deadlines that were missed when they went the Season Pass route.

Now, if a AMS2 player has the game and wants to buy into the Paddock Club, or even more, they bought into the 2020-2022 Season Pass already, there are discounts to the new membership and it’s only open for a limited time only.

Those that own everything will only need to pay an extra $99.99. For those who just have the game as is, it’s $169.99 for Paddock Club access. For anyone who is looking to buy into AMS2 and start from scratch, they can get everything up to this point and everything that’s coming for $199.99.

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Whatever tier you fall into, you get the same access. That will include AMS2 and all the existing DLC, the AMS2 Beta access, the original Automobilista Ultimate Edition with all of that title’s DLC, and finally, forum perks with a fancy Club Member badge and access to the Paddock Club Forum section.

There are some rules and further details that can be seen on the Reiza Forums. Also, you’ll need a Reiza Forum account to even access where to purchase the membership.

Automobilista 2 can be purchased normally through Steam for $39.99 and the 2020-2022 Season Pass for $99.99. There are some other separate DLCS as well as some bundles as other purchasable options.

SOURCE: Reiza Studios

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