Automobilista 2’s future V1.5 update will include Rallycross

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The next big update for Automobilista 2 from Reiza Studios will be the V1.5 update. Their June Dev Blog gave some hints to what is coming, and that includes Rallycross.

On Monday (19th June), Reiza Studios posted a June 2023 Development Update regarding Automobilista 2 on the Reiza Forums. A two-parter with the second post still forthcoming, the first post revealed much about the updates and features coming to the title in the upcoming V1.5 update.

Reiza Studios’ Studio Head and Project Manager Renato Simione took to the forums with a slew of topics, one of which included the addition of Rallycross with the future release of the Adrenaline Pack DLC, which is intended to fulfill the 2020-2022 Season Pass.

Other additions will include some free content in the form of new cars added at no cost, as well as other additional features and changes. Physics updates are also mentioned, but those are slated for a bigger discussion in the next posting. Here’s a slice of what was discussed on the Reiza Forums on Monday.

Cars and Tracks included with Adrenaline DLC

Of course, the big news inside the posting is likely the confirmed addition of Rallycross racing in the form of the Adrenaline DLC and what it entails. Adrenaline will ship alongside the V1.5 update and will include multiple cars and courses to compete on.

The two cars confirmed so far are the Mitsubishi Lancer X and the Volkswagen Polo RX. There will be at least two more cars that will join that grid, and whether that’s at launch or at a later date was not assured.

There will be more than just Rallycross cars on the dirt, and that led into the reveal of Rallycross Karts, which look very similar to the KartKross vehicles with body kits that were released for KartKraft in the past.

When it comes to tracks, there were some existing tracks on the service named. Those included Barcelona, Hockenheim, the Nurburgring and Spa, and those layouts would ship separately from their respective track packs if buying Adrenaline on its own. At least three AMS1 tracks—Ascurra, Foz and Tykki— will be included as well.

Reiza Studios intends to reveal more about the upcoming DLC in the next part of the Dev Update.

Free Updates, New Content, Changes to Features

Updates to the Physics on the platform seem like they come every build, and V1.5 will be no different. What is different is that two new P1 class cars in the Sigma P1 G5 and the Metalmoro AJR will join the fold in V1.5. Also joining the fold will be a Safety Car that can be seen when under Full Course Yellow.

For cars with the HALO, such as the F-Ultimate cars, a transparent option will be added, intended to somewhat portray what a driver might experience with a solid pillar in front of them in a real-world Formula-type car.

Automobilista 2 will also improve in both AI and Multiplayer fields when V1.5 drops. The details are a little more fleshed out on the forum post, but even more details may come when the second Dev blog releases.

The future includes Le Mans

Fans at Le Mans, JEP - Motorsport Images

A laser-scanned edition of Circuit de la Sarthe, also known as Le Mans, will be joining AMS2 at some point in the future. Not in V1.5, it seems, but later down the road.

Le Mans is on a hot streak as of late. The namesake will have its own game in Le Mans Ultimate, the circuit was also announced for Forza Motorsport, and now it’s coming to the Reiza fold with current day and historical 1970 and 1990 versions of the track as well.

Alongside the big endurance racing track will be some of the biggest endurance racing machines, at least Reiza is looking to get into them soon. It was hinted that LMDh Hypercars, LMP cars and GT3 cars could be on the table in time for next year when the big real-world race comes around again for the 101st year.

Dev Blog part 2 will provide more answers… coming soon?

The future AMS2 Paddock Club, diverse pit crew sets and field size updates to some tracks were also discussed in the first part of the Dev update, but even more is slated to be unveiled when a second part goes live.

If it’s the June update, expect it before the end of June. As far as the V1.5 update itself, there’s no set date for that either, but I would half-expect that info to come in the next bit of news.

SOURCE: Reiza Studios

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