PSA: Gran Turismo 7’s scapes look as beautiful as ever

PSA Gran Turismo 7’s scapes look as beautiful as ever

While the photo mode in GT Sport, the most recent Gran Turismo game, was nothing new – Gran Turismo 4 pioneered that back in 2004 – one significant step forward was the visual fidelity of its ‘scapes’.

A scape is a static location captured in minute detail for you to place your car within, setting a scene. From there you can make full use of the game’s photo mode and share your creations online. There were 1,017 scapes within GT Sport from around the world – some even genuinely inspired holidays for me over the years.

In Gran Turismo 7, this will expand to a massive 2,671 at least.

Livery Editor details

The latest video in the Behind The Scenes series by Sony is about the livery editor, which will further expand with new features such as the customisation of windshield banners, wing mirrors, windows and decal texture.

We see new footage of a Dallara SF19 Super Formula ’19 having a new paint scheme applied – although keen Gran Turismo fans will already know that a German version of a previous episode already highlighted this. Weird.

Gran Turismo 7 livery editor

Kazunori Yamauchi claims that the existing GT Sport design creator has “been used to create several million liveries so far” and the new iteration has been designed with “usability” in mind.

Just look at it

But, there are also a few glimpses of the scapes within the game, and they look epic. I know it’s not gameplay or in-race footage, but… delicious.

Those trees, that grass, the asphalt glistening. Oh, and the cars too, of course!

Gran Turismo 7 Alpine A220 1986

It also includes our first up-close look at the Alpine A220 1986 historic racing car, a new entry for the series.

Otherwise, business as usual: Gran Turismo 7 is launching in March 2022 and we’re intrigued. More information soon as and when we receive it.

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