Polish your pride and joy in Car Detailing Simulator, released today

Ross McGregor
Games Incubator has today released its ode to car cleaning, Car Detailing Simulator, with optional AMMO NYC DLC from day one.
Polish your pride and joy in Car Detailing Simulator, released today

Car Detailing Simulator, from Polish developers Games Incubator, gains a v1.0 release today for PC via Steam, with a day one AMMO NYC DLC pack available separately.

Back in November 2021, we reported on Car Detailing Simulator: Prologue, a free, limited version of the full game, and could see this was a title in the same vein as Gas Station Simulator, My Summer Car and SCS Software’s Truck Simulator franchise. They’re generally relaxing games to play.

The aim of Car Detailing Simulator is to build up your detailing workshop through successfully performing detailing jobs for clients, as well as fixing up and selling old classic cars for profit. Upgrading your tools will lead to more clients and rarer cars to work on, as well as bigger wages. The profits can be used in upgrading your detailing premises.

Once the cars have been detailed, players can use the game’s photo mode to take a snapshot of the fruits of their labours. Although vehicles are not officially-licensed, they do bear a striking resemblance to some of the most recognisable sports and supercars from around the globe.


Car Detailing Simulator releases alongside an AMMO NYC DLC pack too. AMMO NYC, headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, is the brainchild of Larry Kosilla. As well as detailing services, the company manufacturers and supplies detailing products.

Kosilla is now one of the most recognisable and respected detailers in the world, in part thanks to his brand’s burgeoning reputation, but also his popular detailing advice videos on the AMMO NYC YouTube channel.

Car Detailing Simulator, AMMO NYC DLC, P2 car
It’s not very often a P2 car requires a valet. Well, maybe after a 24-Hour race….

As a result of the tie-in between AMMO NYC and Car Detailing Simulator, players can use AMMO products and unlock special cars – as well as use the AMMO detailing studio – in-game. As a car detailing fan myself, I’ve definitely got garage-envy

Car Detailing Simulator is available now from Steam, priced at £11.15/$14.39/€11.96, with the AMMO NYC DLC available separately for £4.31/$5.39/€4.49.

If you want to sample the game for free, Car Detailing Simulator: Prologue is available on Steam for free.

What do you think of Car Detailing Simulator? Let us know in the comments below.

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