NASCAR Heat 5’s 2022 update delayed, price reduced

NASCAR Heat 5’s 2022 update delayed, price reduced

The current Cup Series cars, teams and paint schemes have been delayed for NASCAR Heat 5, with the upcoming DLC no longer having a release date.

Following the release date announcement for the upcoming NASCAR Heat 5 2022 Cup Series downloadable content last week, now developer Motorsport Games has pushed back the launch. 

In a fraught build-up, several parameters have changed. In September, when the DLC was first publicly confirmed, it wasn’t clear if the new cars, teams and paint schemes could be used in the career mode, however, this was swiftly clarified

Then, on 7th October, a release date of 21st October 2022 was set for the content pack, alongside the $12.34 price. 

However, today (14th October), the NASCAR Heat social media accounts have updated players with a delay for the add-on, with no firm date now in sight. 

“We want to bring you the best possible experience this year and have decided to delay the release,” read the post. 

It goes on to clarify that audio for the all-new Next Gen vehicles is the main sticking point. 

“With this delay, we will be able to bring a much more enhanced audio system to the 2022 cars,” continued the post. 

“We plan to share an updated release date in the coming days.” 

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However, the update has brought with it a price reduction, from $12.34 to $9.99. No images or videos have been released to date. This follows a 2022 Cup Series update for NASCAR 21: Ignition and the release of NASCAR Rivals on Nintendo Switch today.

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