Confirmed: 2022 NASCAR Cup Series DLC coming to NASCAR Heat 5

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2022 NASCAR Cup Series season cars, drivers and teams will be part of a new paid DLC pack for the venerable NASCAR Heat 5.
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As we reported on back in August based upon earnings call comments, it is now confirmed that Motorsport Games’ 2020 release, NASCAR Heat 5, will receive new content for the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season.

After a tumultuous release of NASCAR 21: Ignition last year, many NASCAR console players found themselves going back to the older title. This was reflected on Steam where NASCAR Heat 5 would see more active daily players than the newer 2021 NASCAR game.

While a 2022 Season Update will be free for NASCAR 21: Ignition players, followed by a second liviery-based season pass, the DLC for NASCAR Heat 5 will have a price tag.

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NASCAR Heat 5 – 2020 content

That price is sadly unknown at this time, as is the release date, nor are any images available.

“Players will be able to utilize the cars, drivers and teams from the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season in Race Now and Online Multiplayer in NASCAR Heat 5 as purchasable downloadable content,” stated the company.

Alongside the PC, PlayStation and Xbox game, content is also on the way to NASCAR Heat Mobile – “the 2022 cars, drivers and teams updated as selectable and purchasable content” – which means that the current NASCAR Cup Series season will be in all of Motorsport Games’ current properties.

While the NASCAR 21: Ignition content will be available 6th October, the NASCAR Heat 5 and NASCAR Heat Mobile content will be available at a later date.

Update – 10:40 am ET, 21st September 2022

Jay Pennell, Brand Manager for NASCAR at Motorsport Games has since clarified that the NASCAR Heat 5 2022 DLC pack will cost $12.34 upon release, while the NASCAR Heat Mobile update is free.

Update 2 – 2:40 pm ET, 21st September 2022

Traxion.GG was able to clarify further with Pennell more information regarding the NASCAR Heat 5-specific Expansion DLC details.

“I can confirm that 2022 Next Gen cars are available in Career Mode on NASCAR Heat 5,” Pennell said to Traxion.GG. “The mode has the 2022 drivers and teams, but old event names. Players are also not able to create their own team, like in previous years, instead they will join an existing team.”

Regarding the other console game getting the 2022 content, Pennell confirmed again that “NASCAR 21: Ignition’s 2022 Expansion will not feature 2022 content in Career Mode.”

Adding in more details about NASCAR Heat 5, Pennell told Traxion.GG the following: “For added transparency, NASCAR Heat 5’s 2022 update currently features a modified 2020 schedule featuring 33 events in Career Mode. The new 2022 NASCAR Cup Series tracks that are playable in Race Now and Online Multiplayer include Auto Club, WWT Raceway, and Bristol Dirt.”

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