NASCAR Heat 5’s 2022 NASCAR Cup Series DLC launches 21st October

Thomas Harrison-Lord
NASCAR Heat 5’s 2022 Cup Series DLC now has a date, to go with the Career Mode and pricing confirmation.
NASCAR Heat 5’s 2022 NASCAR Cup Series DLC launches 21st October

Deep within the press release for the recent NASCAR 21: Ignition update, where the 2022 Cup Series was added, has come the release date for NASCAR Heat 5’s current season downloadable content. 

Previously confirmed as in development on prior investment calls and then formally in September, the new paid content will be coming for the 2020 title. 

After some initial confusion, the 2020 Cup Series DLC will feature the Next Gen cars, teams, drivers and paint schemes. It will also be playable within the Race Now, Online Multiplayer and Carrer modes – the latter with the caveat that players will join an existing team. 

NASCAR NASCAR Heat 5 Summer Showdown esports eventHeat 5 Summer Showdown esports event
NASCAR Heat 5 images used in this article are from the 2021 Summer Showdown esports event

“Players will be able to purchase the 2022 Season Expansion Update on NASCAR Heat 5 for $12.34, starting October 21, 2022,” read the statement.

This fits in alongside the aforementioned NASCAR 21: Ignition current Cup Series update, which launched on 6th October. A new dedicated Nintendo Switch game, NASCAR Rivals, launches 14th October and ahead of a free 2022 update for NASCAR Heat Mobile on 27th October. 

It means four games, all by Motorsport Games, will have 2022 NASCAR Cup Series content within the same month. 

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